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All Shawls & Shrugs Hats, Scarves & Accessories Slippers Handbags Free
  Featured Shawl:
  Waves of Lace Shawl

Shawls & Shrugs

Looking for something elegant? Take a look at this section!
Includes: The Waves of Lave Shawl, The Lacey Shrug

  Featured Accessories:
Ruffles Scarflett and Mitts set
  Ruffled Scarflett and Mitts

Hats, Scarves & Accessories

Looking for something different? Hats, scarves and accessories with a different twist. Section includes: Ruffled scarflett and Mitts set, Zig Zag scarf, Power Scarf, Spiral Rib Head Hugger Hat, My Knifty Flat Topped Hat, and the Hair Scrunchy.

  Featured Slippers:
  Classic Mary Jane's


Keep your toes warm with great looking slippers. Section includes: Classic Mary Jane's, Cozy Mocs, Classic Clog Style Slippers, Princess Slippers, and the favorite Scuffie Slippers.

  Featured Handbag:
  Mini Handbag


Want something different to carry? Section includes: The Little Waves Bag, Asymmetric Cables Handbag, Mini Handbag, and the Bobble Stitch Handbag.

  Featured Freebie:
  Great Fit Knifty Knit Mitts

Free Patterns

Want something different to try on your looms? Section includes: Little Stocking Holiday Ornament, Great Fit Knifty Knit Mitts, and the Country Primitive Style Heart Shaped Dish Scrubby Pattern.

There are other free How-to's and instructions in the Instructions section.


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